Debug and fix LWC/Aura issues lightning fast with beautified custom browser logs
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stalo stands for thrdz Stack Logger

stalo helps generate intuitive browser console logs for your LWC/Aura components using vanilla JavaScript Code and enables a graceful stack trace of your component functionality


  1. Easy setup. Just copy paste a small piece of JS code and start using the functions for Method Entry, Method Exit and Custom Logs.
  2. Graceful stack trace of your component logic.
  3. Remove noise from other components by filtering against the global prefix used in the snippet (can be customised).
  4. Method prefix against each console log enables you to keep track of the parent method when you debug deep inside the stack depth.
  5. Option to filter out logs of a particular instance of the same component.
  6. Option to Skip methods for logging.
About the author
Muralidhar Sampathirao

Muralidhar Sampathirao

Sr Technical Consultant @ Salesforce • With thrdz I am designing the building blocks for Enterprise Applications • Articles, opinions and resources expressed/shared are entirely my personal views.


DZining the building blocks for Enterprise Applications


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